Thursday, March 27, 2014

Volcano Project Submission

Submission Info for the project:
  • The following documents will be shared with me- 1) Ring of Fire Data Collection Report, 2) The Script from your video, 3) Note cards-please put your note cards into a document, 4) Conclusion Questions
  • When sharing make sure you allow me to edit
  • Make sure in each document all team members names are in the title.
  • Video- if you can download to Youtube-send me the link, if you are using a video editor that can save it online-send me the link, if all else fails save on a flash drive.
  • Make sure you review the scoring rubric in the evaluation section of the activity.
  • The 20 points on the rubric will be doubled  so the project will be a 40 point assessment grade.
  • Since this is an assessment it will be graded as an assessment.
If you have questions ask

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