Sunday, March 30, 2014

US History Week of 3/31/14

Oil Blog Readings#15&#16

History Website- create a new page titled "Enola Gay". On this page include pictures of the plane and crew and a 1 paragraph description of the the impact they had on WW2.

Atomic Bomb Essay -

  •  instructions/rubric will be emailed and handed out in class.
  • this will be a done in 'google docs'
  • in paragraph 1 thesis must be underlined.
  • in paragraphs 2-4 your 2 pieces of evidence must be underlined.
  • your name needs to be in title of essay ex. "Atomic Bomb Essay by Steven Virkstis"
To submit "share" document with me. Allow me to edit.
I will do my best to get us computer time for the Mon-Thur.

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